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Bluetooth Audio Amplifier 2x3W



Bluetooth Audio Amplifier

Our best amplifier yet! This bluetooth audio amplifier is incredibly easy to use, and provides a great sound.

The stereo 2x3W audio amplifier can stream audio from your laptop, phone, iPod, or any other bluetooth enabled audio source!

It can be easily wired to drive a single speaker, or dual speakers.

Installation is easier than ever!  Check out this this quick installation guide.


  • Powered from 5VDC USB supply
  • Screw terminals for connecting speaker and external volume adjustment potentiometer
  • High quality (44.1KHz/16 bit) stereo output
  • Optional external play control buttons. (Play, Stop, Forward, Reverse & Volume)
  • Dual or single speaker operation


  • 5VDC Power USB Supply
  • Up to 2 Speakers

For a Non Bluetooth, version of this amplifier see the Stereo Amplifier